Something about the warmer months that inspire everyone to make a change. Sure to see a few more blondes but check out some styles that might inspire you.
PONYTAILS AS HIGH AS YOU CAN GO  - Follow J-Lo's style and go for that extreme high ponytail that flows down past your shoulders. Hair extensions will help you get the length if you don't already have it. 
'60S INSPIRED LONG FRINGE - A must for summer to change up your long hairstyle add this to your to do list and get summer ready.
'70S SHAG -  It's long yet sits two inches below the collar bone; it's heavily layered yet so loose and soft through the ends. It has strong layering all around the face, full fringe or center part drop fringe. It's the ultimate wash and wear look. It's a 'strong' haircut although so effortless.
'90S BLUNT BOB -  Add drama to your cut with a bottom line blunt look. How short you go will depend on your bone structure, but the short, blunt bob works with all hair types from wavy to straight. 
MESSY BUN - We all love Megan Markle and her messy bun! Everyone can do this look - that's why it's great for summer and has to be on the list! It's a very soft look and is suitable for most face shapes. 
SCARF WRAP AROUND - Another summer favorite you can tie or make a little bow, pulled it around to the side. Bold or patterned, there really are no rules to what scarf you use! Hair all up or done, fringe in or out. 
LONG, LONG HAIR - Want your hair to grow for this trend? Make sure you add protein to your hair as well as moisture, it's down to what you do at home. Super long hair looks best when it is healthy and well maintained. You could also opt for hair extensions...this would be our go to!
CURLS FOR THE WILD SIDE - It's about tighter curls to the roots and carefree energy! Get inspired and get those ringlets, shaggy curl cuts in time for summer! 
ONE LENGTH - Great and easy style for summer, we love the fact that hair can be parted to one side to mix the look up. Get beach ready with this easy go to style.
TOP KNOTS - Do It Yourself top knot! Not a perfectly-styled bun but one that looks like you haven't tried to hard. Who wants sweaty hair round their face in the summer? Follow this inspirational look by Kendall Jenner.
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