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Blonde hair 

Going blonde should always be done by a caring professional and the first step is to consult your professional hairdresser who knows what’s best for your hair needs and ask for advice on the right blonde for you. Choosing one that will suit your skin tone and not require a lot of maintenance.


When going blonde the hair goes through several stages. Each stage involves your hair releasing its own natural undertone which will determine what level of blonde you will be able to achieve and what your maintenance level will be.


When you have lightened your hair this is when we can now apply that right toner and this area of coloring has developed highly over the years. Now available you can do multi-dimensional coloring giving you a huge range of options.


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Once you have achieved that right blonde now using the right products is vitally important. The use of chemist or supermarket hair products is not recommended even if they reputable professional companies these products are all made for a price and do more damage than good. Be sure to look at what’s hiding in your hair care product before your next purchase.


Using the right products will help maintain your new blonde colour and also help re-colour your hair for future maintenance with the introduction of new products like KERASTACE BLONDE ABSOLUTE and also the KERASTACE RESISTANCE range.


The Kerastase indulgence Fusio-Dose treatments are essential. Talk to the team at Marro’s Hair and Beauty, they will help you with the personalized treatment and explain why and how this is used. They are absolutely amazing and instantly show internal and external results. This is a world-leading treatment and truly speaks for itself.

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Irons and blow drying should be held to a minimum. Why? because the reality of being blonde hair is that it is fragile and simply can't handle acts of stress. E.g. straightening, blow-drying, UV rays (environment).


Don't be worried, you can still do you're styling rituals you've done for so long at home. The key way to maintain healthy blonde hair is to use Thermal protection. KERASTASE has beautiful thermal protection products that will help you feel safe and confident when styling. Our Kerastase Elixir Ultime is perfect. With 280 degrees’ protection, it'll pretty much become your backbone.


We look forward to seeing you in our salon soon where we can help you get that perfect blonde! Call or book online for the blonde experience with our professional colourist in salon now.


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Let’s face it BLONDES do have more fun!


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  • Nina

    I havd been blonde for 18 years and the past 12 years I have been getting my hair done at Marros Hair and Beauty. I use the recommended products (shampoo, conditioner and heat protection) and my hair is long (past my waist), strong and has the most beautiful blonde colour. My hair is my favourite part of my body. Thank you to Marros for treating my hair with such care.

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