Guide to Keratin Treatment

Guide for Keratin Treatment
Want Long, shiny, straight and manageable hair? Once the keratin from your hair is depleted, your hair is exposed to more damage. Daily exposure to pollution, hair products with harmful chemicals and blow drying, all tend to damage the natural keratin of hair. Not too long, around a decade ago, the world of beauty and glamour was introduced to an all new term ‘keratin hair treatment’. 

What is Keratin?
Keratin is a natural protein that actually is a part of our hair (nails and skin). But unsuitable atmospheric conditions and chemical based hair products destroy it. Keratin is essential for the inner part of hair as well as for the outer look and feel of hair.

What is Keratin Treatment?
Keratin therapy itself is a chemical-based hair treatment to regain that lost elasticity and health of your hair. In other words, adding the lost keratin back in your hair, is called keratin treatment.

It works to liven up your hair by ending all the roughness and unwanted curls. It is the best way to bring your hair back to life and rid of the daily fatigue. Once you get it done, your hair straight, shiny and tangle free for about 2 to 3 months’. Best way for straight looking hair without using a straightener daily. 

How Does Keratin Treatment Work?
It’s a process that tends to bind keratin to hair and other chemicals, without the extra chemicals, keratin cannot function. A hot flat iron is used for sealing process. The ironing heat binds the mixture to work for straightening the hair. 

This whole process takes over an hour. If you have longer hair, it may take a bit longer. Once you have done the keratin sealing process, don’t wash your hair for a few days (4 days max). The whole process of locking the keratin takes time.


Types of Hair?
Keratin treatment is common these days. Whatever keratin treatment you are wanting to get, the first step is to determine the type of hair you have and the most suitable keratin for it.

The best outcome is if you have frizzy and curly hair structure.


What you get ultimately include;

Frizz-free hair
Shinier texture of hair
Hair that is easily styled
You can get rid of the hair straightener

Will keratin damage the natural curls for good?
The answer is NO. You will not get rid of your curls completely especially if you have bountiful curls. If you want to have soft and silky hair even after the keratin treatment, a regular (as recommended by your professional hairdresser) use of keratin shampoo keeps your hair tangle-free, shiny and soft.

Keratin treatment is one of the best options to get your lost proteins back. Especially, mature women should opt for it, because the more you age, the lesser proteins your hair have. Make sure to speak to your hairdresser about the treatment at your next appointment!
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