Finding your colour just doesn't look good after only a week out of the salon?
Take a second look at your hair care routine, from colour-stripping ingredients in your products to heating tools that unknowingly strip your colour.

Sulphate-Free Products

Sulphates hide in shampoos as a cheap way for manufacturers to create that rich lather feel. Unfortunately, this ingredient also strips your hair of moisture leaving it dry, brittle and your colour noticeably faded.

Removing this product from your hair care and see the colour stay alive.


Leave The Heat Alone

Heat is one of the biggest causes of colour fading as when your hair heats, the hair cuticle opens and allows hair colour pigments to escape.

We know its hard to stay away from your styling tools so try using the lowest heat setting to protect your hair colour for longer.


Stay Out Of The Sun

It’s especially important in the harsh Australian sun to stay out of direct sunlight however if it’s unavoidable at least try to stay in shaded areas or wear a hat to protect your hair.


Hydrating Products

The chemicals in hair dye can strip your hair of its natural moisture and damage hair cuticles which leaves your hair more vulnerable to heat and allowing any hair product you add to absorb deep down and cause more damage and colour dullness.

By improving your hairs moisture and strength with more hydrating products you can protect and smooth your hair cuticles to prevent damage and colour-fade.

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