PRODUCT OF THE WEEK - e-smooth: Organic solutions for hair

PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: e-smooth Organic Solutions for Hair.


"A hair smoothing system that combines science and organic ingredients to create hair that is smooth and easy to manage."  - Evy Professional
This great range of hair treatment, perfect for all hair types, e-smooth gives you the ultimate hair goals you are wanting!
Made from organic ingredients;
- amino acids
- ceramides
- hyaluronic acid

All providing that strength, hydration and flawless shine!


Suitable for all hair types, this delicate shampoo prepares your hair
by opening the hair cuticle, removing hair impurities and excess products. 



Straighten and smooth in just one step. A mixture of organic acids and natural proteins that act on the bonds of keratin chains in the hair fibre. With a heat source, results giving a smooth, silky look with controlled frizz. A blend of three organic acids to create hydrated, manageable and smooth hair.

Also containing fruit extracts of apple, sugar cane, tamarind and milk. In addition with ingredients of Hyaluronic acid and ceramides –  consisting of a very low molecular weight and silk.




A combination of plant-based active ingredients with cleansing properties that are non-aggressive to the hair. Suitable for dry or chemically-treated hair.

Its moisturising and repairing properties provide the hair with an excellent result, contributing to the reduction of frizz , and creating smoother and more vibrant hair. Reduced split ends and with imp moisture levels, hair will be restored to a more manageable form.

Paraben and Sulfate free.




A deep moisturising conditioner that can retain hair moisture to achieve a perfect result for healthy hair.

Its active ingredients ensure an ultimate performance. Having the ability to moisturise, close cuticles, provide shine, reduce frizz and reduce tangles. Using this product regularly, ensures smooth, voluminous and silky hair.




Seal Repairing Serum pampers your hair with nourishing extracts and oils. High in extracts and natural plant oils, seals and enables easy and fast moisturisation and repair.

Helps to fulfill the space between the cells of cuticles, preventing the penetration of aggressive substances. Reduces the formation of split ends and contributes to voluminous, shiny, silky and healthy hair.




Tame Smoothing Cream helps pamper your hair with nourishing oils and extracts.

Silk-refined cream. 100% natural ingredients including; argan, daffodil, green tea, jojoba and ceramides to lock in moisture.

This particular product moisturises and nourishes the hair giving extraordinary silkiness and shine without weighing the hair down. Especially for fine hair, providing the same benefits of applying Seal Repairing Serum, allowing more volume and texture
while styling.


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