Tips to grow your hair!



How long does hair take to grow?

“Hair grows approximately one centimeter per month, or up to 15 centimeters a year.”


How often should I get my hair trimmed when I’m growing it?

If you don’t give your split ends a nice trim, the hair will only get worse and therefore when the time comes to get a haircut you may need to sacrifice more length. Give your crown some love and always get a little snip every six to eight weeks, then the hair will grow strong and healthy.”


Apply a mask once a week. 

Stop by the salon and invest in a hydrating hair mask. Apply the mask onto the ends of your hair, and work it up your hair towards the roots. Leave the mask in for the required time period and then rinse it out. This will keep your hair strong and hydrated, and helping with growth!


Choose correct hair shampoo & Conditioner.

Always check the ingredient label before buying a hair products. Shampoos that minimize use of chemicals and are stocked with natural products are the best option for your hair.

Read our blog on what to look out for here.



When blow drying or straightening apply a heat protectant.

Heat can cause serious damage to hair if you always using a hairdryer and do not use proper products. A quality heat protectant should be applied all over your hair prior to styling. You should also limit heat treatments in general as this helps hair grow faster.

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Do a deep protein conditioning treatment once a month. 

Book a protein conditioning treatment today.

Deep protein treatments involve deep conditioning your hair with a mask with added protein. This strengthens your hair and promote growth




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