Wedding hairstyles for that perfect day!

Wedding hairstyles for that perfect day!

Choosing your hair for your wedding day is a big deal. You thinking about your wedding dress when deciding on that hairstyle and no one can blame you! You will want to match your hair to your wedding makeup! 

You need to pick a hairstyle that suits your hair length, thickness, and all those amazing styles you found on Pinterest might not work in your hair, but fear not there is so many styles out there and the professionals will be sure to make you feel special on your big day!


  1. Low Bun

The most popular wedding hairstyle to date, you can play with many variations and it's a classic. Incorporate flowers, hair clips or a tiara to this look for a more personal touch.

Low bun for wedding dayLow bun upstyle

  1. Ballerina Bun

Another classic bun sitting higher up on your head, longer length hair is perfect for this or hair extensions can also work. Adding a veil that sits under the bun is a perfect combination.


  1. Waves

Going for a more relaxed vibe? Think loose waves for a simple yet amazing look or add a flower crown for that boho themed wedding!

 blond wave hairstyle

  1. Half up/Half down

Works for a range of hair types and elegant enough for both day and night! If you have longer and thicker hair this would be a perfect choice. Want to grow your hair before the wedding, well get some more tips here!

 Half up Half down hairstyle

  1. Braids

The modern trend is a beautiful braid wrapping your head. Ask your professional to create something unique and have some fun with it.

wedding hair braid
  1. Ponytail

High or low and is a good look for your wedding day, go for a more “messy” look or sleek back elegant style.


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