There is so many articles telling us to eat clean and organic, and to worry about what you are putting into your body. But what about your hair products? What is good for your hair?

A common misunderstanding that what we put on our skin can just be washed away right?

Our skin absorbs all kinds of chemicals so choosing the right product for your skin type is key to having overall beautiful feeling and healthy looking skin and hair.

What to look out for:

SLS, SLES, SULPHATES - They produce a lovely soft foam but studies show the chemicals are a "corrosive irritants" they strip our hair and scalp of its protective oils.
SILICONES - This is a temporary smoothing & silky effect however this goes over your scalp and clogs your pores and drys your scalp from inside out. 
PARABENS - The most common type of preservatives found in hair care products. If you are experiencing thinning hair or hair loss you should steer clear of products with this chemical in it. Research shows that parabens can act as endocrine imbalances by mimicking oestrogen when absorbed.
POLYETHYLENE GLYCOL /POLYOXYETHYLENE, PEG - This synthetic chemical is absorbed fast and contaminated with the carcinogen ethylene oxide, this means that your skin absorbs even more of the nasty chemical.
ISOPROPYL ALCHOL - While this chemical helps with cleaning, the cleaning action is so intense that it aggressively strips your hair and scalp of its natural oils and leads to hair damage.
COCAMIDE DEA - This might seem like a good product when looking it up but the way it is made with a modified coconut oil Diethanolamine makes it toxic.  It is not permitted for use in cosmetics in many countries as it has a similar compound linked to cancer. 
And there you go. Just a couple of ingredients to look out for. The next time you are buying your hair care products ask your professional for advice and always stay clean and healthy!
We at Marro's Hair & Beauty want to look after you and have a unique organic "Hair Food" range for ever need.
Pureology is also a range we highly recommend so next time you visit remember to get your clean hair products. 
xx Until next time xx


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